Koda CPU

Koda is an 8 Bit CPU built in Minecraft. It runs the Koda Instruction Set and has 16 bytes of memory.


So like I said Koda is an 8 Bit CPU built in Minecraft by me [RedCube], Mirko, Snadro and ProfessorDJ.
We have worked over 3 weeks on this and seeing it working was really cool.
The only plan was this animation I made:

How it Works:
Koda uses a simple "fetch, decode, execute" loop.

On Fetch:
- Programme Counter outputs its count to the Address bus.
- The "Read" line it set high.
- The Program Register is accepting the input.

On Decode:
- Program Register sends its first 4 bits [instruction] to the Decoder.
- Decoder connects the 2 lines that are requested.

On Execute:
- The Decoder gets the 'Execute' signal.
- That signal goes through the 2 connected lines directly to the Components.

The Koda Instruction set: