Security Breach

Good luck.


======== Note-14-12-2020.txt ========

Hello, [REDACTED]. Something odd is happening around, lots of systems of our company are failing in various facilities, including the facility ALPHA-7.
Go check the main security computer. We need to act as fast as possible, this is a huge threat to our whole security system. Luckily, our system has three firewalls, and an antimalware in place. But the hack is sabotaging our antimalware and is taking down the firewalls. This is what we call a Security Breach. If this happens, it's the end; we'll end up like the other facilites, all the data will be stolen, and even worse could happen.
Before it's too late, I will explain you how our system works.
It has 5 stages of security, with the last one being the Security Breach that I mentioned before. During the other stages, the system should act semi-normally, but during the fith stage... it can't hold it. Everything will start glitching out, making it hard to control the system and defend it.
If there will be any malwares, it's very likely that the security will get sabotaged, and you will have to constantly fix it, and probably manually use the antimalware. If the malware reaches the core, it's probably going to break the system into the next stage. Oh and, the system can survive up to usually 5 fatal errors. What this means is, once you are in the last stage, if you get any errors or any malware reaches the core, it will cause a fatal error. When you have 5 as I said, it's game over.

You're our last chance. Good luck.
-Director of [REDACTED].

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Minimum PC Specs:
CPU: Dual Core Processor
Disk Space: 70 Mb
Optional: Internet connection